Tuesday, August 6, 2013

After 9 months of passive admiration my blog was born.

There are plenty of themes in my mind that I want to share with you.
I first saw Eddie in the dubbed TV series The Pillars of the Earth in September 2011, and even then I liked him,
but I'm a Redmaniac since last November, when I first heard his voice. I love his voice and the way he talks!

Foto: Now or Later 2008 (Theatre)
I spend half of my days reading blogs and articles about Eddie, or watching videos or films of him God knows
how many times. I forget all my troubles and I'm happy, but I can't concentrate to my work so if I keep this up,
I'll be homeless.
I’m not a good writer (especially not in English), however I’m not bad in editing.
When I make a post, I usually choose a theme, then collect pictures, interesting articles, interviews, quotes, background information about it. Sometimes I make photo compilations, gifs and video lists as well. The news are
a bit different, I publish the pictures and articles completed with plus infos. I don’t want simply reblog. I usually use 
several sources for each posts from the web – google, fan blogs and sites, magazine articles.


  1. I made to your first post..! *Gosh I'm such a stalker..* But reading all your post made me love Eddie even more so I'm not sorry ..

    1. You made my day! :) Sometimes I browse blogs for hours too.


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