Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Theory Of Everything - Felicity Jones

Felicity Jones has been looking into black holes as she prepares to portray the first wife of famed cosmologist Stephen Hawking.
The film, which stars Eddie Redmayne as Hawking, is based on Travelling To Infinity, the second volume of memoirs Jane Hawking wrote about her life with the famous professor. 
Redmayne has turned down a major part in director Thomas Vinterburg’s new version of Far From The Madding Crowd to devote all his energies to portraying Hawking.
‘It stops before their break-up,’ Felicity said of Theory Of Everything, which James Marsh will direct on location in and around Cambridge in September.
‘The film’s about the early years of their relationship, and her faith — that’s what helped her,’ Felicity added, referring to Jane’s religious beliefs, and Hawking’s atheism."

Eddie already knows Felicity. They both played in the productions of the Donmar Warehouse (though not together). The Telegraph magazine in June 2011 published an article where Michael Grandage announced to leave the theater. They appear together alongside Michael Grandage and Jude Law in the photo made to the newspaper article. 

Here you can read the article: 

P.S.: He wore a denim jacket, the camel pants and his favorite old shoes in this picture.

They both took part in The Josephine Hart Poetry Week in 12th October, 2012.
Article about the event:

12th October, 2012: Poetry Week 'The American Poets' at The Arts Theatre, Leicester Square.Here, Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Elizabeth McGovern and Derek Jacobi. 

Something about Felicity:
She won several film awards for her performance in the movie Like Crazy.
Nominated Best Newcomer at the 2008 Evening Standard Theatre Awards for The Chalk Garden at the Donmar Warehouse.

Jones performed in Luise Miller, a new translation of Schiller's Kabale und Liebe by Mike Poulton at the Donmar Warehouse theatre in London, in June and July 2011.[13] She turned down the title role in Mirror Mirror to appear in the play, to the amazement of director Michael Grandage. Grandage acknowledged: "Everything else has had to be moved to accommodate [the play]… at a time when her career has gone sky-high."[2]

Message to Eddie's fans: 
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I always watch whether there's any news.

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