Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eddie's favorites clothes

In my previous post I wrote about Eddie's denim suit. This topic attracted my interest, so I did some research. Let me show you some cloth what he wore more than once. Some of his favorites: the blue and the camel pants, the All Saints jacket, the short black coat and the brown leather jacket.

Photos source: tumblr


  1. You make a very good detective, Jutka. This post about his favourite pants worn over and over again over many months or years even, is indeed very funny.

    Thank you for all your other posts as well, they are all excellent. I do not quite know how this comment will come out. But I hope this is going to be for your eyes only, but just to be safe, I chose Anonymous, but I can easily identify myself to you, if you wish.

    We are quite similar in age, I am married with 2 children. My interest in Eddie is not romantic at all. Because he just about cries or suffers in every movie he was ever in, I just want to cuddle him, comfort him, wipe his tears, etc, like a mum. In fact, I want to adopt him, hahahaha!

    I enjoy his movies a lot. I would rather watch his films repeatedly than any of the mind-numbing rubbish shown these days.

    I think he is one very talented actor and is gifted with such intelligence that he can handle any fame that comes his way in a most dignified manner.

    So thank you once again for this magnificent source of information and adoration to this most adoration-worthy person.

    1. Your comment is visible in my blog, but I can delete it if you ask. You can find me on twitter @BrtfaiJudit or on facebook as Judit Bártfai (this isn't a fanpage).


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