Friday, August 9, 2013

InStyle Eddie Redmayne interview 2012.12.26.

Here you can read the article:

Les Miserables Star Eddie Redmayne on Being Marius, Singing With Hugh, and More!

“During rehearsal, these two titans with brilliant voices, Hugh and Russell, are singing,” the 30-year-old told us. “And it’s like a shiver on the back of your neck.” Funny—that’s just how we feel whenever we see this Brit on the big screen.

The questions of the interview:
- Did you feel like a pip-squeak next to Hugh and Russell?
- What was it like singing live on set every day?
- What did you think of making the classic character Marius
your own?
- Are you still indulging your musical side?
- Back in your Eton days, you were a classmate of Prince William’s. Any good Wills stories?

Anne Hathaway on Eddie Redmayne’s “Nerdy” Appeal:

Eddie lives at the crossroads of crazy-smart and passionate,” she told InStyle of the actor. “He’s one of the warmest human beings I’ve had the luck to know. Plus, he’s a nerd, which I think is awesome.”

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