Monday, April 14, 2014

Fan adventures in London today - in Staffordshire a week ago

Way too early in the morning but seeing Eddie Redmayne on the way to the tube station has made my day!
Posted this morning by andiniria, location: Sloane square
Eddie is in his new favorite sweater, that he wore when he was in the Dean Street Townhouse with Andrew Garfield 
on 7th April, and at the MND charity event on 28th March too. And he wore this coat and cap many times too lately.

Another fan saw Eddie today and Tweeted this:
Eddie Redmayne is sitting across from me at this cafe eeeep! - andiniria9

Eddie spent the weekend at Amerton farm a week ago - tweets from 6th April
Award winning restaurant and bar Bistro Le Coq is situated in the Staffordshire village 
of Stowe by Chartley, seven miles from the county town of Stafford. Formerly known as
The Cock Inn, it is believed to date from the 15th Century, and has been established as 
a local hostelry for many years.
'Sorry to be ask but are you Eddie Redmayne?' 'Yes' 'oh, oh my god, oh my god.... hi'
'hi, are you alright?' 'Yes' (x)
So appararantly Eddie Redmayne was at amerton farm today. .. he must love stafford
considering he was in town during summer! (x)


  1. Zzzz. Boring and now ur doing ships? He has a different GF in Stafford (not Hannah) which is why he has been there 3x in past month

    1. I don't know why he has been there so much. This might be lots of reasons. I don't think he has a different GF.

  2. My intention is to share what I found about him. These are mostly fan adventures or theatre visits lately and it's getting a bit boring, but they proove he's not dissapeared completly. I can't wait to write about more interesting news - a new role, a new trailer or event he attends for example. Jupiter Ascending will be released in July, so I hope they start to promote the movie soon and I wait for the first Theory of Everything trailer too. I try not to post about gossips, or things Eddie wants to keep private.

  3. Keep up the great work! His life has been rather snoozy lately, but it will soon fire back up....until then, I'll enjoy whatever you post. Try a montage of photos where he clasp his hands lol ;)

    1. Thank you for the tip and the encouragement. I needed it. Although I know it's impossible to do posts that everyone likes, I felt pretty awful because of the negative criticism.

  4. Dear Judit! I enjoy every post and it´s never boring!!! I visit your blog every day, thank you for your work!!

    1. I'm happy you like it, this blog is very important to me.


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