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'Fantastic Beasts' details from Empire Magazine & Pottermore plus magical fanmade posters

Scan from Empire Magazine - producer David Hayman talks through this image of Newt Scamander
edited (click for full size) - source: iamtribblesome - pic without text in HQ here

Eunice Huthart just suspended Eddie Redmayne in the air. What did you do at work today?
...‘Eddie’s great. We just tell Eddie what to do and he does it,’ she says, sitting cross-legged on the floor next to me. 
‘I have never had to talk him into doing anything. Eddie’s just like, “Come on guys, what are we doing now? Bigger, faster, harder!” It’s more a case of me telling him, “Eddie, we can’t do that!” We need to make sure he can work tomorrow, you know.’ ... read more

Pottermore: Colleen Atwood brings a ‘touch of glamour' to Colin Farrell's costume
Colin Farrell's not always a wizard. But when he is a wizard, he's the best dressed wizard in the 
wizarding world. Naturally.
...'Graves is the ultimate wizard so I wanted to take it to a level of 20s elegance with a touch of glamour, of fantasy.
So I took a coat and I made it a little bit longer, I exaggerated the shoulders and I shaped it a little bit more. Then
I made it out of a spectacular piece of cashmere that just kind of moved and had a lot of light,' she says.
'It also has a little bit of lurex* in it, so it catches the light at night and almost looks wet, which I really think makes it
stand out from other things. That's where I was going with his character. And then I kind of edged his things so they were very graphic black and white too, in a way that made him special.'...Read more

Magical fanmade posters - source: avahda (via)

Pottermore: Meet wand designer Molly Sole: a real-world Ollivander
...‘This one has to be for Newt,’ I say, pointing to a modest wooden wand.
‘We wanted it to relate somehow to the animal kingdom,' she tells me, 'but we thought it was sort-of inappropriate
to give him anything that might have a trophy feel to it. We didn’t think he would be into that at all. The main part of
this one is wood....Read more

Pottermore: A day in the life of a ‘Fantastic Beasts' extra
...In all seriousness, it was a total joy to be an extra. Even more fun, between you and me, as a journalist posing
as an extra. Colleen Atwood dressed me, Fae Hammond chose my make-up, David Yates directed Ezra Miller
in the same room as me. It was an honour to step into one of J.K. Rowling’s stories....Read more

Picture without watermark in UHQ here - source: olly-77

Andrew Freund asked Eddie about Fantastic Beasts in his TDG interview (video)
"What can we expect [from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them]? I’m literally allowed to say nothing. I feel
as if there’s wands everywhere, Warner Brothers’ wands, making sure that I’m not—all I can say is that JK Rowling
has written something so wonderful and if we can just do it justice then I hope there is, I hope it’ll be something very special to add to what she’s already done."
Interview gifset made by sirredmayne here

Pottermore: Badges and emblems of the wizarding world
mugglenet: If Hagrid Met Newt! (what if?)
Video: MuggleWatch - January 19, 2016

Update 19 Jan 2016, 23:10
"Of course I’m looking forward to seeing it, it’s got some incredible talent involved in it. Jo’s back doing it; David Yates, David Heyman […] people I’ve grown up with and loved over the years, they’re all back involved. I’m sure it’s going to be fantastic." - Matthew Lewis (x)

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