Friday, January 1, 2016

Fan adventures on 30-31 December 2015 - Happy New Year!

Eddie Redmayne was shopping at IKEA-Birmingham yesterday with his wife Hannah. Some lucky fans met him.

jem_parker: Ignore how rough I look, but I met Eddie Redmayne in ikea today

jonesemily98 and she revealed more on her adventure in a chat with fans (below)

jonesemily98: Best..Day...Ever!☺️ Such a lovely man and it was lovely to meet you #eddieredmayne
redmayniacaf: What was he like? What did he smell like? What did he say? sorry you're dealing with a super fan over here
jonesemily98: @redmayniacaf haha  it's okay . I didn't really notice what he smelled like. I think I'm still in a little shock  but I do remember him being very kind, sweet, a little timid/shy like myself hehe. He was a very kind, gentlemen like person and a polite man . I can still remember in my head when I said to him 'Thank you ever so much' and he said 'it's quite alright.. It's my pleasure.. Thank you'  and he looked at me with his sweet dreamy eyes and that cute smile of his
redmayniacaf: @jonesemily98 im so happy for you! You truly are so lucky omg if i met him my life would be complete may i ask how did you meet him? did you just bump into him on the street?
jonesemily98: @redmayniacaf hehe  thank you  and I met him in IKEA- Birmingham. And I was very lucky as it was very short-last minute decision that we had decided to go up. As we live near Telford, and it takes roughly about 30-40 mins to get there. But my dad pointed something to me, that was on the display, in the kitchen section, and I just notice something in the corner of my eye. I turned to the left to have a closer look and there was Eddie . It took me about an hour to pluck up the courage ask him if I could get a photo with him. But I didn't want to cause much of a fuss for him as he was doing a normal shop with his other half  and I said that to him and he said ohh thank you, it's alright
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Joining the Flat Pack, Eddie? Hollywood star Redmayne pops into Ikea Wednesbury 
It's not every day you bump into an Oscar winning, multi-millionaire actor while picking up 
a few bits at Ikea.- Read the story here

@SarahHobbypoole: There I was in my local Co Op in Staffordshire, feeling 
full of cold who do I bump into Eddie REDMAYNE and his wife! (via)

Would like to share a special moment with u. Met Eddie Redmayne in London, an Oscar 
award winner who has always been an inspiration to me in the film industry. Im going to strive 
and be a better actress, daughter, sister and friend this year. 2015 has been great to me, 
hopefully it has been for u guys too. Thanks for all your support the past year may 2016 
be a wonderful year filled with love, laughter and joy. I’m sending all my love to u ♡♡♡

I wish you all Happy New Year!
Boldog Új Évet Kívánok mindenkinek! (Hungarian)

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