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The Danish Girl news, articles - Critics Choice Awards 2016 - tube selfie with a fan

Eddie Redmayne covers Elle France this week. (x)

(not review-review by Parth Arore - excerpts)
...The Danish Girl is a devastatingly delicate piece of filmmaking, with glorious set design and performances from
actors at the height of their powers in a story...
...we go to watch a movie for the director's vision, for the writer's story set in a world created by the cinematographer
and performed on film by actors with the help of countless others. No one wants to know what a film should have/
could have been from a reviewer, whose job is to, again, "a critical appraisal of a book, play, film, etc. published in
a newspaper or magazine"...
...The Danish Girl and director Tom Hooper told the story of the wife. How in the face of this anomaly she wanted
to feel her husband's arms, but couldn't (again, masculinity and femininity in 1926), how she lost her love while still
being with him just as her deadbeat career was taking off, how her husband might be prettier than her... 
The Danish Girl is a delicate film and like most it has its issues but it does its job, unlike some others...Read more


This year’s nominees discuss their movies in exclusive videos with EW (via) Watch all the
nominees on their biggest fears, hardest scenes and the untold stories behind their films here

Awards nominations boost box office for The Danish Girl 
It’s now earned more than $5 million profit, on a $15 million budget: 
Hot on the heels of Oscar nominations for stars Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander, The Danish Girl added $4.2M
this frame in 16 territories. The early international total is now $12.8M. After this weekend stateside, the worldwide
gross is now an estimated $20.8M. 
Spain opened at No. 4 with $977K at 274 dates and is performing at the top end of such comps as The Imitation Game and Birdman, and evenly with last year’s The Theory Of Everything. Mexico bowed at an excellent No. 2 with $917K at 240 dates. Other new openers included the Netherlands ($170K) and Vietnam ($158K). The UK added $1M in holdover for a 17-day total of $7.9M. There are still 44 markets to open over the next two months. While censors in many Middle East countries have banned the movie, it will open in Egypt this coming weekend along with Australia, France and others. - Source: deadline.com (via)

21th annual Critics Choice Awards 17 January 2016 in Santa Monica
Congratulations to Alicia Vikander who won Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Gerda Wegener in The Danish Girl. Unfortunately this was the only win from the film's five nominations. Eddie didn't win, Leonardo DiCaprio took home the Best Actor award again for The Revenant. Winners list here.

Popsugar: Alicia Vikander practically sparkled as she attended the Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday night. 
The Danish Girl star left us all breathless as she nabbed the award for best supporting actress with her poised
speech and equally poised attitude. Not only did she give a shout-out to her costar Eddie Redmayne, but she
also shed a light on the transgender community's growing recognition in the entertainment industry. (x)

Alicia Vikander accepts the award for Best Supporting Actress for her work in "The Danish Girl," 
presented by Bryan Cranston, at the 21st Annual Critics' Choice Awards (January 2016). (x)

39th Göteborg Film Festival 29 Jan - 8 Feb, 2016
Honorary Dragon Award goes to Tom Hooper. Due to Tom Hooper's visit, the festival will arrange an extra screening of The Danish Girl February 3 (8:30pm) at Stora Teatern where he will recieve his award. (x)

The Danish Girl available on iTunes Feb. 9!
Available for pre-order now for expected release, which will have extras. link (via)
The Danish Girl,coming to Digital HD on February 16, 2016, 
and Blu-ray , DVD and On Demand on March 1, 2016
BLU-RAY and DVD BONUS FEATURE: The Making of The Danish Girl 
Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, Tom Hooper, and others on the filmmaking team
share some of the creative processes that enhanced the beauty of the movie.

International Cinema Release Info

Wikipedia: List of accolades received by The Danish Girl

Eddie Redmayne with a fan in London this Sunday 17 January 2016 (x)
On the Bakerloo Underground line (x)

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