Sunday, January 3, 2016

New BBC Radio1 and Radio2 interviews TDG promo, reviews

Rhianna Dhillon interview/co-hosting with Eddie Redmayne from 35:39
The podcast available only til 29th January 2016
Rhianna looks back on the biggest movies of 2015, previews films to look out for in 2016 
and talks to A-listers Jennifer Lawrence, Eddie Redmayne and Quentin Tarantino!

Eddie Redmayne interview from 1:17:38
The podcast available only til 1st February 2016
This week he features an interview with Oscar winning actor Eddie Redmayne, who talks about his latest role as transgender pioneer Lili Elbe in his new film The Danish Girl. Eddie discusses how he prepared for the role, how life has changed since his awards success and what the next year holds in store.

New interviews on my playlist

Eddie totally charmed the interviewer

Go see 'The Danish Girl' in cinemas now!
Promo pictures from Universal Pictures below

Tom Hooper's The Danish Girl is a subtle and extraordinarily well-crafted film but one that pulls continually in different directions. Hooper is telling a radical story in a strait-laced fashion. This is an upscale period drama in which loving attention has been paid to costume and production design. Its subject matter, though, is raw and unsettling. The main character is Lili Elbe, the artist "whose brave and pioneering spirit remain an inspiration for today's transgender movement", but who, in the course of the movie, endures extreme trauma...
What makes Redmayne’s performance so exceptional is the way he captures both Lili’s terror and her stubborn bravery. Some of the actor’s gestures seem very mannered but we are always aware of the intelligence and feelings that are driving Lili. In being so honest to her own nature, she is destroying the comfortable life that Einar and Gerda enjoyed as a married couple... full review here (via)

Huffington Post
The Danish Girl is an amazing movie that succeeds in spite of itself. In this day and age, the story of a woman trapped inside a man’s body would not appear to be the sort of film to appeal to audiences across the board. However in the hands of a talented director such as Tom Hooper, and with a screenplay by Lucinda Coxon, it becomes a totally relatable story about love and all its many aspects...
Redmayne is completely absorbed by the role and uses his talent to show all of the facets of Einar and the emerging Lili. Somehow he manages to show both Einar’s confliction and Lili’s vulnerability. Vikander’s role as Gerda is equally complex. This is a woman who loves her husband totally, but also understands his need to be accepted as a woman. These are two of the best performances you will see this year, and they complement each other beautifully...full review here (via)

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