Thursday, December 15, 2016

Precious moments from the past two years of Eddie and Hannah

Two years have passed since Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe said yes to married life at the Babbington House on 15th December 2014. I hope their following years will be at least as happy as the previous two. They cut their honeymoon in the French Alps short and flew to LA to attend several events and parties, because Eddie was 
a major contender in the awards season. Here's a little throwback in pictures.

Eddie and Hannah  were in honeymoon mood on Jan. 3. 2015 

Hannah had to flew back to London, she had a job, worked as an antiques dealer, so they had
to spend a few days apart, she couldn't attend the SAG Awards, where Eddie won again. 
Later in 2015 Hannah was quit her job, she strenghtens Eddie's team since then

“I love being married, I feel so settled in my skin. So lucky to have the most
wonderful, supportive, beautiful wife.”(x) - BAFTA's 2015 - redcarpet
The next day Eddie started filming 'The Danish Girl', he had to ask
a day off, to be able to attend the Oscars

Flight back to London LAX Feb.23, 2015 - Heathrow Feb.24, 2015
Eddie continued filming and life went back to normal. In april right after he finished filming they
flew to Istanbul to attend the Soho House launch along with  Jamie Dornan and his wife Amelia.
In early May they picked up the cases again and travelled to NYC for the Met Gala.

The beautiful couple at the Met Gala in 2015 May in NYC

In June they both attended the Omega Dinner to celebrate Eddie as the new ambassador. 
We heard rumors in May about Eddie playing Newt Skamander, that was confirmed in June
(more). In July Eddie introduced Hannah to Prince William at the Audi Polo Challenge.
to the French Riviera. Eddie's family has a villa in Grimaud near St.Tropez.

This happened after the World premiere of 'The Danish Girl' in Venice on Sept. 5, 2015. 
I was only a few meters away and made a short video with my phone. It's a pity the lightning 
was too bright and couldn't make better quality pictures inside. - My adventures in Venice

Eddie Redmayne & Hannah Bagshawe out “house hunting” September 26, 2015

The Danish Girl Los Angeles (Nov21,2015) and London (Dec.8, 2015) premiere

An amazing last twelve, sixteen month, for the both of you, yeah? -
Golden Globe Awards January 10, 2016  <3 the way Eddie looks at her.

SAG Awards afterparty Jan. 29, 2016

Eddie and Hannah at the Oscars, February 28, 2016

Eddie and Hannah at the Tokio premiere of The Danish Girl

Eddie and Hannah with their little daughter in Rio in Aug. 2016

at Odeon Leicester Square on November 15, 2016 in London (x)

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe watch the Hennessy Gold Cup 
from the Royal Box at the Newbury Race Course Nov. 26, 2016. (x)

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