Monday, December 26, 2016

Who wouldn't like such a hug?

Especially at Christmas time, when everything's about love. We are social beings, we need physical contact
to feel better, a hug from a person we love warms our heart.

Qwerty and Rose in 'Powder Blue'  (Eddie Redmayne and Jessica Biel)

Eddie is such a loving, warm-hearted man, he often greets his friends with a hug

Eddie and Charlie Cox at 'The Theory of Everything' NYC premiere redcarpet
“When we started going out for the same parts, it never got in the way of 
our friendships.” -Charlie Cox (source: xoxoeddie)

Rosamund Pike Golden Globes 2015 (x) Emily Blunt Critics Choice Awards 2015 (x)

Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hiddleston at TIFF 2015, Sept 12.

 Eddie met his former co-star Toni Collette at TIFF 2015, Sept. 13 (x) (x)

Eddie with Benedict Cumberbatch (TIFF2014) and Kristen Stewart (Oscars 2013)

Anne Hathaway and Eddie in NYC Jan. 8, 2013 (x) - Co-stars love Eddie
Marius-Enjolras reunion Dec. 18, 2014 Eddie ans Aaron Tveit (x)
with Daniel Huttleston at the 'Les Miserables World premiere

 Eddie hugs Claude-Michel Schönberg at the Miss Saigon Press Night 21 May 2014

hugs when he presents or wins awards
to share the excitement and joy

Eddie and Brie Larson at the SAG Awards this year (x)

Eddie congratulates Brie Larson on stage and backstage at the Oscars 2016 (mine) (x)

Winning an Oscar and hugging Felicity Jones and Cate Blanchett on Feb.22, 2015 (x)

With Felicity at the SAG Awards and BAFTA's in 2015 (x) (x)

and just to express his love or/and joy

with Dan Fofler in a Fantastic Beasts interview (x)

Eddie with Chloe Moretz (Hick bts) (x) and Amanda Seyfried (Les Mis interview)

 "I wanna be Pickett, so I could just like hug things all day and just hang out in someones pocket." (x)


  1. I went to The Aeronauts London premiere in October 2019 with my friends Tracy and Daniela. The most amazing thing happened at the red carpet. Eddie greeted us with a group hug. I still can't believe it. ❤️

    1. Check out my related post: Me and my friends at the Major of London's Gala...
      You find it in the archive (sidebar) among the 2019 October posts.


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