Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Who’s Most Likely To… whoever it is has to eat a random Every-Flavour Bean

In the BuzzFeed interview by Ellie Bate the cast of “Fantastic Beasts” - including Dan Fogler, Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol and Eddie Redmayne - play Who’s Most Likely To…and whoever was chosen eat potentially gross-tasting jelly beans. Because that’s what wizards do.

Who’s most likely to nail a take the first time?

Who’s most likely to geek out over Harry Potter?

Who’s most likely to make everyone else laugh on set?

Who’s most likely to burst into song on set?

Who’s most likely to be sorted into Hufflepuff?

...Because Newt’s Hufflepuff, and I’m so method. Maybe if I go for the same blue one, can I do that?

ER: Mmm! It’s like a custard. It’s so good, I love this game! 
KW: Maybe this is like a No-Maj/wizard thing. Or Dan’s a liar.

Who’s most likely to give the best advice?

 (gifs from the article)
DF: Not me.

KW: I feel like this is a tricky one to answer, because if you say one, it’s implying that the others don’t, which is kind of insulting.

BF: What about if everyone eats one?

KW: Mine’s grey. I went for the scariest one on purpose.

AS: Bubblegum. 
ER: Bubblegum!

KW: Mine’s pepper. Actually it’s kind of good.

DF: I got Brussels sprouts.
KW: He’s been lying. I can smell it, it’s like, tutti frutti. What is it?

DF: [laughing] It tastes pepperminty!

KW: This pepper is really, really good. It’s like a high-end sweet.

Who’s most likely to brighten your day?

Who’s most likely to get caught taking a selfie?

The pics are my screenshots from the video, you can watch on the BuzzFeed site linked below
You should definitely check it out

Some expressions of Eddie during the game (click for full size)


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