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Hick - filming and reactions - set photos, videos, stills & Andrea Portes interview

...watching Eddie Redmayne take after take was kind of a master class in acting. 
It was like, “Wow. Which one of those brilliant takes are you going to choose, Derick?”...
(Andrea Portes - the author of the book and writer of the screenplay about Eddie)

Photo by Jon Cornick, the movie producer, March 29, 2011 (source)

sources: Eddie Redmayne archives ( 1 ) & ( 2 ) & Collider

BY JENNIFER SKY - June 29th, 2012 (full interview here)
Rumpus: What was a day like on set? How long was the shoot?
Portes: It was so much fun, really. It was incredible to see Derick work, he really is amazing with the actors. He’s really passionate about the performances, loves the actors, and trusts them. Of course, watching Eddie Redmayne take after take was kind of a master class in acting. It was like, “Wow. Which one of those brilliant takes are you going to choose, Derick?” Blake came on the set and she had the book dog-eared with all these different lines she wanted to put back in, which she did. It was so cool, and vindicating, because you know… as the novelist many of those lines had been cut by earlier producers on the project. She did an incredible job in the film. I love her Glenda. (Not an easy part, by any means.) Last but obviously not least: I was blown away at how Chloe carried the film. She’s kind of a prodigy, really. Some of her takes, in the heartbreaking scenes, would make me cry, and she’d come back to the monitor and be like “Portes, I made you cry!’ It was really funny. She’s a pig-tail puller. Basically, she’s extremely talented but she’s, also, a kid who likes to tease and try funny things like a hula-hoop. And she’s incredibly intellectually curious, which I love.
I, also, am heartened by the fact that she has her mother, Teri, and her brother, Trevor, there to guide her, protect her and keep her life as normal as it can be, considering. They’re really good people. And I don’t say that lightly. It was about a 5-6 week shoot. So, not much. We were really in a time crunch. Luckily, Derick had everything really dialed in, so when we went to shoot it was all about the acting. I think the performances in the film really reflect that.


Andrea Portes about the audience and the critics reaction:

There’s a huge disconnect between the audience, who... really love the film… and the critics who absolutely have come out frothing at the mouth to demonize us and even have called us pedophiles. It’s the same subject matter as the book, so it’s strange. But, you know, the younger audience really seems to get the film, which makes me extremely grateful. For some reason I think it’s just not a film for old white men. And, sadly, the “established” critics are usually old white men. ...Happily, the audience reaction has been amazing, though. And that’s who the movie is for, ultimately.

Andrea Portes about Eddie Redmayne in a Huffingtonpost interview:
„I am giddy for people to see Eddie Redmayne as Eddie Kreezer. He's just riveting. It's beyond anything I had ever dreamed of. It's nice, too, because off camera he's just a really kind, smart, self-deprecating, English gent. He's top shelf.”

Photos source: gallery

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