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Eddie and Chloë - photos, gifs, quotes and videos

source: sirredmayne

Chloë about Eddie: Everything he does is so “top notch” I mean, no, I don’t think there’s any other actor out there that’s better than him. He deserves everything he will ever receive and has received in his career.
Eddie about Chloë: I think she is on another level of extraordinary.
Link: these quotes and a few interview gifs

Quote from Eddie about Chloë and shooting Hick: 
It was an amazing experience because Chloë Moretz plays the girl and she’s fucking formidable and so much fun to play alongside. She’s this weird hybrid of being like... there’s nothing about her that’s like, ‘Oh, it’s just the fluke of youth’, you know, she’s a serious actress, but she’s also a 14-year-old girl. ( x )

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In these tweets Chloë agitated her followers on Twitter to vote for Eddie:

Chloë Moretz after co-star, Eddie Redmayne, came on-stage on the MTV Movie Awards ( x )

TIFF 10th September 2011 sources: ( x )  &  ( x )

 Left: Vitaminwater`s Celebration of the Film 'Hick' at TIFF 10 Sept 2011 Toronto ( x )
Right: Cleopatra: Northern Ballet press night 17 May 2011 ( x ) more about the event

Eddie Redmayne me and Chloe Moretz last night at filming for Hick.

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  1. Chloe Grace Moretz 14 years old!


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