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Is he an awful dancer? Really? - The Miraculous Year

Maybe he's not a Fred Astaire, but not so bad (source sirredmayne)

Deadline Hollywood article By NELLIE ANDREEVA | Monday June 14, 2010
...Logan and Remayne’s collaboration appears headed to the small screen next: the young British actor is in talks
to play a lead in Logan’s drama pilot for HBO Miraculous Year, which is being directed by Oscar winner Kathryn Bigelow. ...Miraculous Year is described as an examination of a New York family as seen through the lens of Terry Segal (Norbert Leo Butz) a charismatic, self-destructive Broadway composer and lyricist.
...Redmayne would play a captivating and sexy singer/dancer in Terry’s new show who will come to play 
a major part in Terry’s life. (He plays Terry's boyfriend - another gay role.)

HUGO BOSS Fashion Show Fall 2013 (source: sirredmayne)
Access Hollywood article, first published: August 27, 2010
...Eddie plays “a chorus boy,” as he puts it, for HBO’s “The Miraculous Year,” a series on the way from playwright
John Logan and Oscar winning director Kathryn Bigelow.

“It’s about this extraordinary, incredibly talented family, but what’s hilarious is [they] offered me this part — and
I think it’s got a wonderful arc — and when I accepted I was like, ‘Damn! Hell yeah! I’d love to be a part of that.’
photo source: eddieredmayne.ru gallery
And when I came to New York to start rehearsing, and even though I knew I’d been cast as a chorus boy dancer, like a part of my brain hadn’t connected the fact that I would have to actually dance,” Eddie explained. “I mean, I’ve never danced in my life, let alone tap danced.”
Trying new things though is something the talented actor seems to enjoy. Earlier this year, he took on Broadway’s tough audiences in “Red,” a play written by “Miraculous Year” writer John Logan. Thrilling the tough Broadway crowds led to the actor walking away with a Best Featured Actor Tony Award in June.
“It’s in my flat in London… I’ve got an apartment in London that I share with a couple of mates, and I have quite an amazing window with a view over the city of London in my bedroom and it’s sat there perching, overlooking the city of London,” Eddie said of where he keeps his award, later adding, “If it were a person, it has got the greatest view in the world.”

HBO decided in October 2010 not to go forward with the project 
before the pilot even aired. Why?

HBO Rejects Broadway-Inspired Pilot The Miraculous Year, Starring Norbert Leo Butz
...The Miraculous Year was widely assumed to be based on the life of Stephen Sondheim, with whom Logan collaborated on the screen adaptation of Sweeney Todd. (After Sondheim made his displeasure known, certain biographical details were reportedly changed.)
In a recent Q&A with Broadway.com, cast member Patti LuPone described the show as being “about a very prominent arts family in New York. The father, Frank Langella is a famous painter. His son, Norbert Leo Butz, is a genius musical theater composer. His daughter, Hope Davis, is a corporate lawyer, married with two kids. That’s one story. The other story is Norbert’s theatrical life, and I’m his leading lady.”
In addition to Langella, Butz, LuPone and Davis, the cast of The Miraculous Year also included Tony winner Eddie Redmayne (Red), Linus Roache (now appearing off-Broadway in Middletown), American Idiot star Stark Sands and TV and Braodway vet Daniel Davis (The Nanny, La Cage aux Folles). Composer Adam Guettel (The Light in the Piazza), was reportedly on board to pen the music to The Miraculous Yea's show-within-a-show musical. Guest stars in the pilot included Susan Sarandon and Lee Pace.
Sources told Deadline.com that the appeal of the show was considered “too narrow.”

Update: Read more about the plot in the article here (via)

In this video list there are excerpts from interviews, videos and films of Eddie. In the first video
Eddie talks about dancing from 22:05 to 23:25. He's not in the last two. There's a video in which
the original Fijero, the two times Tony winner Norbert Leo Butz (who plays Terry in the pilot)
performs Dancing through life from  Wicked. The last is about the audition of Carlton Tanis for
the role of Tamil Lee, the only project related video I found on Youtube.

My post: Eddie's dancing - gifs


  1. Great posting! He seriously seems to be rather modest about his dance skills, among other talents. Maybe that's why he's so good at everything he does.

  2. Lol shoulder roll ;)

  3. In the DP 30 interview he mentioned, that he said to Tom Hooper, if he must dance he starts rehearsing now. If he thinks he can't do something well, he works harder. This is one reason he's so good in everything he does, but I think his emotional delicacy and exceptional empathy skill makes him one of the most amazing actors.


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