Thursday, February 6, 2014

Into Film Launch - more photos from the event

I decided to collect in this post the photos of Eddie Redmayne from yesterday's event showed up today.
I hope there will be more and video too. The first image is a photo with a fan.

Me and Rob met Eddie Redmayne (source) via iloveeddieredmayne

Do you want a cup of tea? (source) He looks so good!!!!!

Another fanpic: Gorgeous-ness. Him, not me (def not in that light!!) source1 & source2

Article about the event in the website of the organisation 
with videos about the speeches:

Mrs Richards and other Film Club leaders celebrate success with actor Eddie Redmayne 
at Into Film launch

A video about the organisation.
We are into film - Published on 5 Feb 2014

My other post about the event:  Into Film Launch - New Photos

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