Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Eddie uses phone - his favorite phone apps

Eddie Redmayne's iPhone is almost always in his pocket, he uses it a lot. Here are some photos as evidence.

Eddie in NYC May 5 2013 ( x )

Eddie in West London April 24 2013 ( x )

"I walk around talking to myself in accents. Usually people look at me like I'm a complete 
fruit loop." (Eddie Redmayne)

LAX Feb 20 2013 - Eddie arriving at LAX for the Oscar weekend ( x )

Eddie Redmayne On Les Miserables' Hard Days And How Blake Lively Inspired His Audition (full article)
Despite his childhood dreams of being Gavroche and years of acting onstage, Redmayne had no professional singing experience at all until a night of singing at Blake Lively's house, of all places, inspired him to seek out a musical role. Redmayne co-starred with Lively in the indie drama Hick, and after a party at her house near the set in North Carolina turned into a Les Mis singalong, he recorded himself singing Marius's big number "Empty Chairs and Empty Tables" on his iPhone and sent the video to his agent.
The Les Misérables actor shares his favorite tech add-ons. Published in Teen Vogue by Casey Lewis

The actor's iPhone helps keep him organized, entertained, and—most importantly, for a strapping young actor—well-fed. Check out which apps keep him going.

Rehearsal 2
This is a genius app for actors. It means you don't have to carry around or print out scripts. I can make notes directly on the app, highlight my scenes, run and record lines, take reference photos—it's pretty indispensable.

8mm Vintage Camera
This is a great video app that allows you to choose old vintage camera types, creating stuff with a grainy '30s black and white style or '60s bleached feel. I took a few videos whilst making Birdsong that with everyone in period costume look scarily real.

I love TED talks. I can't get enough. Bright, ingenious, and sometimes completely bizarre addresses, but they're always massively thought-provoking.

Monocle 24
I am a massive fan of Monocle and the new radio station. The programs are diverse and constantly intriguing, covering culture, business, and design.

I love food, but sometimes you can't be bothered to cook or don't fancy going out. But this is really cool, local, and quite brilliant—chefs cook and it is delivered fresh to you.

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