Thursday, February 20, 2014

Redheaded Hero - POTE nostalgia - promo photos, gifs, Access Hollywood article

Access Hollywood article: Meet 'Pillars Of The Earth's' Redheaded Hero: Eddie Redmayne
...Playing Jack, the son of Ellen, a witchy woman (Natalia Worner), and a mysterious father, it’s Eddie’s eyes that first set him apart – clear and wondrous, sometimes a tremendous blue, others a dangerous green — especially as his character, Jack, doesn’t speak for a spell. To hear the actor tell it though, it was his hair that got the most attention behind the scenes of the project’s European set.
...“I come from a family of brothers and there is definitely a redness in our hair, obviously in my name, but in this particular film, the character has bright ginger hair and I had to go through a huge hair dyeing process,” he explained. “And all the stuff that I’ve read about it, it’s sort of like ‘Eddie Red-Ma(y)ne is incredibly appropriate,’ ‘The ginger actor,’ and I’m like, ‘Noooo!’ I spent all my life saying that I might have a mousey brown, with a bit of an auburn tinge, but I think I’ve given it all away with ‘Pillars’ where I’m a full-on redhead.”

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Here you can find many gifs from the Pillars of the Earth: sirredmayne gifs
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