Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Eddie in the new Gentleman’s Journal issue - new photo, interview

@jonnywells: My interview with the irrepressibly charming, Oscar-winning Eddie Redmayne in
the latest issue of @thegentsjournal. Talking filmmaking, fashion and, of course, Fantastic Beasts.
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"I'm actually very colourblind." he reveals, "and it's a weird thing, a confusing thing to explain. Lot's of people 
think that I just see in black and white, but it's more like confusing tones of colour. So blues and purples or 
greys and browns may trip me up. It feels like you haven't been educated on your colours properly," the actor 
laughs, "because they merge. Funnily enough, I was having this exact problem trying to pick out a tie for dinner 
tonight. I had to ask for my wife's help" What colour won out, I ask. " Blue - I hope! Redmayne chuckles. 
"If you see it and it's yellow, you'll know my wife played a terrible trick on me."
Unlike many high profile stars, the 35-year-old has few reservationsdiscussing his family. Indeed, since 
Redmayne's first child (a daughter, Iris) was born last June, he's barely stopped talking about her.
"Fatherhood has been amazing," the young actor gushes with unadulterated exuberance. "And I've been 
so lucky that, with the job I do, I didn't have to take paternity leave. Instead, I just stopped working after 
my last film, and had a chunk of time off when Iris was born."...(quote from the interview)

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From suiting to scarves, what can Britain's acting ace teach us?

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