Sunday, January 1, 2017

My most liked Instagram posts in 2016 ❤

August - Eddie on the London tube 17 May 2013 (521❤) posted in my blog here
This is not my edit, I posted as part of the #30daysofeddieredmayne challenge.

This is not much compared to the likes near the end of the year, but still the best in September. 
I'm so happy, I love this pic so much, this is how I remember him. 
October - Eddie in The Graham Norton Show (176❤) - (2. place my JOY magazine post 174❤)

November is a big turning point, because of the release of Fantastic Beasts 
I have much more followers. This is clearly visible in the number of likes, 9 from 
the top 10 is from the last two month, this is why I list the runner ups as well.

2. Young Eddie Redmayne and Benedict Cumberbatch in pink (1324❤)
3. One more picture from the BBC Children in Need Special (1200❤)

4. A compilation of Eddie's latest roles (817❤) in relation to my blog sidebar update
5. My conference call post (571❤) this is not in the top 10, but still got pretty much 
likes, and it's about the highlight of my year, when I could ask Eddie on the phone

December - Eddie in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (1612❤)
 This is the #1 in 2016
2. is a repost from @bespokeredmayne (1570❤)

4. One more compilation of Eddie's latest films (1383❤)
5. Another Newt Scamander picture (804❤)

Please check my Instagram account and let me know what posts are your favorites.

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