Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The best gift for Eddie's birthday - Donate for the MND Association

Eddie's Birthday is this Friday, 6th January.
Celebrating Eddie as he turns 35 with a fundraiser for Motor Neurone Disease Association because as a patron, it is a cause dear to his heart.
A social media network of his fans is sponsoring a fundraiser for the Motor Neurone Disease Association — with his blessing.
Eddie's message:
"Preparing for the staggering responsibility of playing Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything” reminded me that our greatest gift in life is our health. Although I inhabited a bit of their lives for only a brief time, the immense courage and unfathomable struggles of MND families who shared their experiences are something that will never leave me, and I am honored to be a Patron of the MND Association. "Another of my great gifts is my fans, and each year as my birthday approaches, their outpouring of greetings and presents touches my heart. This year, a team of those fans is working with the MND Association to funnel your generosity into the Association’s critical research and services. "The best birthday gift you can offer me is to share in my involvement with the MND Association in whatever way you can, to help work toward a deeper understanding of — and ultimately a cure for — this brutal disease. "As always, your support is profoundly moving to me. May your New Year be fulfilling!" 

Update 5th January 2017
This is one of the most vivid quotes from Eddie when describing what he learned through his personal research about the impact of MND/ALS. 
He clearly brought not just the physical effects of the disease to his portrayal of Stephen Hawking, but the emotional and psychological imprints, as well. 

Please support our fan-sponsored fundraising drive for the MND Association to honor Eddie’s 35th birthday on Friday. Eddie has blessed our effort! Our campaign will continue long past that day, though — just as Eddie’s commitment has to helping find a cure for MND/ALS and providing support to families.

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