Monday, January 23, 2017

New selfie - Eddie in Kitzbühel (Austria) - Awards News

Eddie was in Kitzbuehl this weekend, attending the famous Streif men’s downhill ski race. 
According to this lucky guy, he was not recognized by any of the photographers.
Heute”-Leser Martin Hofbauer über sein Selfie.”

Live coverage of the Oscar nominations tomorrow. The announcements will take place shortly after 5 a.m. Pacific »
You can check Glenn Whipp's prediction for 21 categories here.
He's predicting three Oscar nominations for Fantastic Beasts,  costumes, production design, visual effects. (via bespokeredmayne)

The National Film Academy has today announced the nominations for the ceremony, which takes place in London on March 29 and will be broadcast on Sky Showcase, Sky channel 261. Over 1.9 million fans cast their vote across 18 categories to decide the nominations and movie fans can now vote for the winners on the official Academy website at (via)

2 Nominations for Fantastic Beasts: Best Actor: Eddie Redmayne, Best International Film
Full list of nominees here

You can vote once after you registered

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