Monday, May 25, 2015

Artwork by Kate Waddington - making of a portrait

Beautiful portrait of Eddie Redmayne based on a photo from GQ Australia 2015 February issue (x)
Kate is a young artist from Sydney. She documented on her Instagram how she made this portrait.
I miss the freckles, but I understand that paint them with this technique is risky, easy to ruin the pic.

Hello Eddie! This face is slightly on an angle (very slightly). As you
can see, the right side of the face is a little wider than the left.(x)

Lip marking after finding the width of the face (measured at the base of the eyes). (x)
Marking the centre of the width of Eddie's face. (x)

Skin tones (x) - Lips. (x)
Kate: Loved working with this soft pastel colour palette!

Me painting (x) - Eddie Redmayne (x)

Kate Waddington: My second attempt at painting a face!
Check out the artist's art page @kate_waddington_art

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