Saturday, May 30, 2015

Nice old fanpics I haven't posted yet

marissaringer (x): That time we saw Eddie Redmayne at the Royal Court in #London 
(2008 Now or Later) before he went and got all #famous. (via)

An old photo, but funny !!! Wow I cannot believe that he even got Oscar!!
Congrats stroof (x) Chris haeyoung Shin (via(x)

Tuesday (June 11, 2013) we saw A Midsummer Night’s Dream at the Shakespeare 
Globe Theater. My favorite part was not the actual play, although it was rather funny,
but that we ran into Eddie Redmayne from Les Misérables! source (via)

Met Eddie Redmayne with @sophiemurphyy !!  (via)

tiffybardot: Yesterday my brother met Eddie Redmayne at his flight from London to Berlin … love him (x)
Iloveeddieredmayne posted this nice photo 2 years ago. No wonder the edited version reappeared on the web as mcm pic, Eddie is so sweet here.


he is even more of a sweetheart on paper 
eddiething-redmayne: he is even more of a sweetheart on paper (x)

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