Saturday, May 2, 2015

Jupiter Ascending BTS pictures - stunt doubles on the set

Adventures in filming - Bilbao edition. The behind-the-scenes video these gifs come from is here, and I was 
amazed by the scale of the crowd watching them. It really makes me admire the actors more to see them 
acting as cars whiz by and people lick ice creams and watch them as if they’re performing monkeys. (x)
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Instagram pictures shared by Eddie's stunt double Rick English @rickstunts

#tbt Fun times with @micheala_ashley on #jupiterascending #2013 #eddieredmayne #nofoodallowed (x)
Eddie's stunt double Rick English, Mila Kunis's stunt double Mickey Facchinello

#tbt #2013 Hanging around on set of#jupiterascending #eddieredmayne#leavesdenstudios (x)

More Instagram pics from Mila Kunis's double @micheala_ashley - stunts on the set (x) (x)
Last studio day London was on 2 July 2013 (x)

I love behind-the-scenes shots! Here, Maria Doyle Kennedy (Aleksa) and Frog Stone (Aunt Nino) flinch as they are menaced by Ariyon Bakare (Greeghan). It’s fascinating to see how Greeghan appeared ‘in camera’.
On a side note, I love Kick Gurry (Vladie) cowering in the background - he’s totally in character even though he’s out of shot!

(This is a crop of a scan from Cinefex magazine, April 2015, by Mila Kunis Web.)

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