Thursday, May 7, 2015

Jupiter Ascending is available in digital HD - promo pictures

Visually stunning and intellectually fascinating (x)
The Abrasax Industry Creates Life And Destroys It. Help Save The Universe With ‪#‎JupiterAscending‬ 
Starring Channing Tatum And ‪#‎MilaKunis‬, - Available On Digital HD 5/5/2015. (x)
Got My Copy Today 5/5/2015 On "" Watching It Tonight On HD 5.1 Surround Sound.

VIDEO AD: Jupiter Ascending is available for home viewing via iTunes & Amazon.

Jupiter Ascending is available for streaming on Amazon Instant Video in the US.(x)

Jupiter Ascending fan account on Twitter
Jupiter Ascending fanblog on Tumblr - The ultimate fan blog for Jupiter Ascending, featuring gifs,fanart, screencaps, photos and analysis galore. Be cautious, since there will be copious spoilers herein.

(If you have access to these platforms) You can watch Jupiter Ascending right now in digital HD. You can stream the film on Amazon here, and I expect it will also be available on other digital platforms (it’s definitely available on US iTunes). (x)

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