Thursday, May 7, 2015

War Art with Eddie Redmayne on ITV 24 May - DVD shipping on 2 June 2015

"I have attempted as an actor to play someone from the First World War and of course when prepping you do as much research as you can. You try and imagine what it was like to be living like that, to be on the ground. But with that period I have always found it impossible – not photography, nor accounts could really ever capture that horror. But for me it was the Art and all sides of that Art, people trying to depict the undepictable that perhaps came closest." - Eddie Redmayne on WAR ART

Foxtrot’s new film WAR ART with Eddie Redmayne, directed by Margy Kinmonth, will receive its 
world premiere broadcast on the ITV Network in the UK on Sunday 24 May at 22.35.
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Available for pre-order now. Estimated shipping 2 June 2015

WAR ART with Eddie Redmayne Summary
War is a compelling stimulus to the imagination, creating some of our richest and most powerful artistic inspiration.
Oscar-winning actor EDDIE REDMAYNE takes an intensely emotional journey, visiting artists' studios, museums and travelling to battlefield locations to shine a powerful light into the abyss of warfare, where War Artists have left a unique legacy.

Nottinhill Post article: Eddie Redmayne in War Art film
Update 11 May, 2015:
We filmed Eddie Redmayne in front of John Singer Sargent’s breathtaking ‘Gassed’
at @I_W_M #BehindtheScenes #WarArt (x) via

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TV documentary on war art, including that of
Wyndham Lewis (Imperial War Museum)
May 17, 2015 The Sunday Times:
...In War Art, an ITV programme to be broadcast next Sunday, Redmayne — who played Stephen Wraysford in the television adaptation of Birdsong, Sebastian Faulks’s wartime novel — will use the knowledge he gained studying history of art to analyse works created by those who faced the horror of the western front.
As well as offering his assassment of the works - some retrieved from the vaults of galleries and museums - and travelling across northern Europe to retrace the steps of the artists who painted them...

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