Saturday, March 15, 2014

Charlie Rose: Look at the Play 'Red' - video, captures

Recently a fellow fan posted on Twitter captures fom the video:
A look at the play 'Red' - Charlie Rose's interesting roundtable discussion with playwright John Logan, Michael Grandage, 
Director of The Donmar Warehouse, Alfred Molina and Eddie Redmayne (with short videos of scenes from the play). I decided
to post these pictures - Eddie looks so good! I thought, it worth to post the video again too - although it's in my post about the play, but maybe it's lost among the wealth of informations there.

My compilation from the captures.

Charlie Rose said in the end: "You don't wanna see a play after that" (X)

My gifs from the video

Untitled, Mark Rothko, 1958,
Kawamura Memorial
Museum of Art
Really Seeing Red
The story behind Rothko and the Seagram Murals 
Red has been getting so much attention, and so we thought that the story of the paintings would be rather interesting to delve into. John Logan's Red, starring Alfred Molina as Mark Rothko, is a work-play where paintings are recreated onstage while exploring the very nature of creativity, the relationship between art and commerce, and the master/apprentice dynamic. Red hinges on the story of the series of paintings called The Seagram Murals, which were commissioned to hang in the Four Seasons restaurant in the Mies van der Rohe-designed Seagram building, but were never delivered when Rothko (perhaps balking at the idea of his paintings hanging in such an obviously commercial space) canceled the agreement, and later donated some of the paintings to the Tate Museum in London....(full article)

Bonus - I found this photo recently:
Representing Red at the New Dramatists Luncheon on 18 May 2010 NYC are playwright John Logan, producer 
Arielle Tepper Madover and Tony-nominated star Eddie Redmayne. source

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