Monday, March 3, 2014

Perfect gentleman

A gentleman every step of the way, watching her intently, making sure she’s fine. ( x )

Perfect both in appearance and behavior. BAFTAs 2014 (source: sirredmayne)

Look how gingerly he handles his girlfriend (source: sirredmayne)

( x )

Not sweating — perspiring. The 20-something Brit is far too charming – peppering his conversation with words like “whilst,” “glower,” “disastrous” and “flaxen” and endearing apologies over admissions that didn’t need them in the first place – that sweating is all too vulgar a word to apply to the gent. ( x )

Emma Watson, who stars with Eddie in the forthcoming My Week With Marilyn, says of him: ‘He’s wonderful. Such a great actor and such a gentleman – so kind. I’ve met a fair number of actors and he’s just different. In terms of decency and openness he’s just the best.’ ( x )

The blatant intelligence he possesses and the mysterious charm is what makes, Eddie Redmayne an almost ambassador for his generation of the new British gentleman. Today, in fashion there’s nothing sexier than looking like you don’t care, creating effortless elegance. ( x )

source: gallery (x) & (x)

“Do I feel posh? Well. I suppose. I went to Eton. I have lots of friends from there. I also went to Cambridge. So. Yes. I definitely come from a privileged background. But I also have lots of friends from different walks of life.” You know poor people? He laughs. “Oh, Christ. I’m hearing the quotes. But what does it feel like? I grew up with it. It’s my norm.” ( x )

Eddie Redmayne BAFTAs 2014 source: jessiecraigdeardiary via Mr. Redmayne

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