Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Eddie in the new Jupiter Ascending trailer

Jupiter Ascending -- New HD Trailer -- Official Warner Bros
The Brand New Official Trailer for Jupiter - In UK Cinemas July 25

Jupiter Ascending Trailer Eddie Redmayne Cut
Eddie Redmayne as androgynous King Balem in Jupiter Ascending.

"I want her found. And I want her dead.” (x)

Right now, Balem owns the title to Earth. (x) & (x)

Eddie Redmayne on playing the villain in Jupiter Ascending: 
"It’s time for the darkness to return. I kind of miss it." (x)

Inside Movies - 'Jupiter Ascending' trailer: Eddie Redmayne wants Mila Kunis dead
In the second trailer for the Warner Bros. pic (released almost three months after the first debuted) we get more of a glimpse at Eddie Redmayne’s petulant, evil leader, some spectacular special effects, and an uncharacteristically optimistic Sean Bean.

UP & COMERS - Watch: New ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Trailer with Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis
Lots of new footage in this trailer, and Eddie Redmayne, who appears to be the main villain in this story, is a real highlight, because he looks absolutely batshit insane and unlike we’ve ever seen him before.

A few screenshots from the trailer :)

source: hope72 HQ screenshot (2000pix) here

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  1. Great!
    I think he is the best thing in this trailer... He is so versatile! From this to Stephen Hawking...


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