Saturday, March 8, 2014

Out in London again - new photos with a buddy and on the tube (in cap)

Other Tweets:
Emily Wright @ems_wright - Just saw eddie redmayne
Sophie Hambly @sophiehambly - Only just seen Eddie redmayne on the tube!
James TorrenteGaldez @jtorrentegaldez - #londonlivetweet usually features pictures with every tweet,
but I didn't take a photo when I saw Eddie Redmayne on the tube today :/
Kaitlin Gerety @KittyKaitlin - Tori saw Eddie Redmayne today and talked to him. I'm done with life.
He's the nonexistent love of my life.

Eddie Redmayne quote:
"Genuinely, fame is not something that affects my daily life. I still travel on the Tube and I take the bus.
"Occasionally someone will stop you and say 'You're in films aren't you?' and then I go, 'Er, yep'. Then they say, 'Well, which ones have you been in?' So you name one and they say, 'No, I haven't seen that one', and you're embarrassingly listing your CV but they haven't seen anything. So I'm not quite someone who struggles to make it down the street.
"I love doing what I do, with the variety of stage and film work I'm doing. I haven't really thought about the fame." (source)

I found an interesting article from 2012 with a good photo:
Looking for love? According to the people behind the Tube Map app, the solution to your dating woes is Underground
-- One in ten commuters spot someone they find attractive every single day
-- One in 100 have married the person they met below groundAccording to the makers of the Tube Map app, almost half of train travellers say they see someone that takes their fancy at least once a week.
Actors Eddie Redmayne and Michael Fassbender have both confessed to using the Tube.
The answer is in the article  (link)

Article with photos: 19 Celebrities On The London Underground (link)

My earlier post - On the Tube - new photos - quote

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