Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Twitter photos - new and newly discovered old

happybirthdayeah - Eddie Redmayne with a fan on Monday 24th March 2014

And one more - Theory of Everything set photo from Twitter (source: @EddieRedmayne_P)

Newly discovered older tweets

via Eddie Redmayne Italian Blog

She posted this photo first in July, when she stayed in the same hotel as Eddie, and again (in the tweet below)
on 16th February before the BAFTA's. It's worth to look at the related tweets as well.
I did a little research about Luise Lamont. She studied English Literature at the University of Cambridge (at the time when Eddie went to Cambridge too) and Medieval Studies at the University of Toronto before joining A P Watt in May 2006. She began working with Caradoc King and Elinor Cooper in 2007, and was made an Associate Agent in 2009 (x). In 2013 she moved to the London-based literary agency LBA
I found an interview with her (not Eddie related, but quite interesting).

And here's a tweet from the 2013 BAFTA's

Bonus: my gif from the Youtube video: Audi at the BAFTA's 2013

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