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My adventures at the Venice Film Festival

As you possibly noticed I didn't make posts for a few days. The explanation is simple. I was in Venice to meet my Italian Redmayniac friends, to see Eddie for the first time and attend the World Premiere of 'The Danish Girl'.
The journey wasn't easy. I left home on Thursday afternoon at 3 PM. My first train was cancelled due to the migrant problems and I had to search another way to get to Vienna in time to reach the night train to Venice, wich arrived to the Santa Lucia Station on Friday morning at 8:24. Luckily I could sleep on the train. I met Cris and her husband on the Piazzale Roma. Daniela joind us when we took our accomodation and we went back to see the city and the locations of the Festival.

(x) - (x)
Sara, Maria Cristina, Daniela, Me, Valentina and Beatrice (x)

On Saturday morning we met the Venetian redmayniacs and we went together to the location of the press 
conference and photocall. Eddie was expected to 2 PM, but we were there much earlier, because we had 
to be in the right place to have a chance to meet him. Eddie knows Cris, he met her several times, this 
increased our chances. When Eddie arrived to the conference, he was in a hurry and didn't noticed us, so 
we had to wait to our next chance. When he came back he was in a hurry too, but this time we were in a 
better, more visible place and he noticed Cris. He stopped for us, took photos and signed. I had opportunity 
to give him my short letter and he got a lucky owl from Daniela. Eddie was very  nice and probably he knows 
my blog, because when Cris drew his attention for me, he knew, that I'm from Hungary. Anyway, he looks 
much better in person, than on the photos.

We met Eddie after the press conference and took photos with him. He was very lovely. Thanks to Cris, 
who made this amazing experience possible for me. Videos about our meeting with Eddie below:

Other videos by Cris's husband Claudio - Video1 - Video 2
Thanks Elisa and Claudio!

Sara's report here (x) Eddie Redmayne signe source (x) I made the photo to the right

 We walked on the red carpet - Thanks to Valentina for the photos (x) edited

Next we went to the premiere. We waited over the arcade of the building next to the Palazzo del Cinema, because the rain began to fall. We had to change the shoes and
some clothes too. I didn't expect that we're going to walk the same red carpet as the
stars, but this is what happened. We went to the entrance hall and waited for their arrival there. We had the opportunity to take photos and videos too (you can see mine below).

The second part of Cris's report about the premiere here

photo to the left (x)

Cris and Claudio (her husband) sat on the left side, me and Daniela in the middle in the 18. row. 
The seats of the stars were behind ours, there was only one row and a stair between us. I failed 
to make a proper video about the introduction of the stars before the screening, because the 
lightning was too bright and photographers stood in front of me.

The film was beautiful and moving. Some parts were cheerful, some were sad, this was a masterfully 
made, sensitive emotional roller-coaster with excellent acting. Eddie could convey Lili's thoughts and 
feelings - described in the book on several pages - with a few graceful movement and expression. 
I read the book and although there were differences, the adaptation very well mirrored its atmosphere. 
Probably some people will criticize the movie, because in some places its story is different from what 
happened in the real life, but this is even more true in the case of the book. This is a love story, not 
a documentary of Lili's life, the focus is on the emotions. David Sexton's (quite negative) review 
mentioned the nudity in the film. I will not tell about the details, only that the scenes are subdued 
and don't cross the boundaries of good taste.

Matthias Schoenearts, Amber Heard, Alicia Vikander, Eddie Redmayne and Tom Hooper (x)
We were there behind the rail somewhere in the middle of the second row.


After the screening of the movie the crowd (inc. me) celebrated the stars with a long standing ovation.

I made this short video above in the end, when I stopped clapping.

We spent Sunday in Venice and in the evening I boarded the bus headed home. The trip with bus is much shorter and cheaper than the train journey, but unfortunately I cannot sleep while sitting, so I was very tired, when I arrived home on Monday morning.
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  2. A könyv megjelent magyarul?

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  3. What a wonderful experience ����

  4. That was just great!
    Good for you, & the entire Venice cast of ER fans.
    ER is so likable, & talented !

    I happen to be a huge Romola Garai fan (whose paternal heritage you may know stems from Hungary!)
    I happen to catch your name & story on Twitter through a Glorious 39 post. It was that movie that led me to be such a fan of Romola Garai. I first learned of ER through that movie, as well. Of course, i luv him, too. Just not quite as much as U! :) #Peace

    1. Thanks for your nice comment. I like Romola too (Paul McCartney and The Beatles is a big favorite too) :)


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