Friday, September 11, 2015

Report from Venice in the Hungarian Television with Eddie interviews

There will be an interview with Eddie tomorrow in the movie magazine of the Hungarian ‘Duna’ television. 
‘Szeretettel Hollywoodból’ (‘From Hollywood with Love’)

Eddie Redmayne Velencéje... és persze beszélgetünk majd a The Danish Girl-ről is...Maradjatok vonalban!
Posted by Szeretettel Hollywoodból on 2015. szeptember 5.
Eddie Redmayne's Venice... and they will talk about 'The Danish Girl' too of course

Kulisszatitkok, exkluziv interjúk, Velence, Velence, Velence! --- SzeHo, holnap (szombat) délután a Duna TV-n!
Posted by Szeretettel Hollywoodból on 2015. szeptember 11.
Program preview of the next 'Szeretettel Hollywoodból' movie magazine
Will air tomorrow afternoon on Duna TV (Hungarian Channel)

Eddie... Alicia... Tom Hooper... The Danish Girl... Velence...Press Conference (x)

The show's presenter Anikó Návai lives in Hollywood and she's friends
with a lot of stars, including our Eddie. 
She's the only Hungarian journalist member of HFPA (Golden Globes)
Szombat/Saturday 09.12. - 14:55 DUNA
Vasárnap/Sunday  09.13. - 03:15 M2 & 18:25 DUNA WORLD
Hétfő/Monday         09.14. - 03:25 DUNA
Kedd/Tuesday       09.15. - 17:00 DUNA WORLD
Szombat/Saturday 09.26. - 14:55 DUNA
Vasárnap/Sunday  09.27. - 03:15 - M2
The show available here for limited time (60 days) until 12 Nov. 2015
Interesting part from 18:00 - HFPA dinner with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard, Alicia Vikander and Eddie Redmayne (21:10) interviews - 'The Danish Girl' interviews on Sunday with Alicia, Eddie (22:54) and Tom Hooper.

Video interview - Golden Globes: Eddie Redmayne on The Danish Girl
Perched dangerously on the ledge of the Hotel Excelsior’s balcony, Eddie Redmayne, clearly unafraid of heights as well as difficult film roles, talks to Elisabeth Sereda about the emotional world premiere of The Danish Girl at the Venice film fest.

Eddie on Sunday 6th September in Venice - Tumblr posts
including gifsets from the Golden Globes interview linked above

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