Sunday, September 27, 2015

Selfie with Andy Gotts photographer and fan encounters in London this Saturday

The first new photo showed up on the web today was a new selfie with a photographer Andy Gotts. According to his tweet he had a great little shot with Eddie today. Can't wait the pictures

Andy Gotts: Great little shoot with this charming man Eddie Redmayne - really sweet guy. (x)

He tweeted on Friday:

Many people saw Eddie Redmayne and his wife Yesterday:

God damn shannon was in a lift with Eddie redmayne God damn god damn
— lauren (@lauren_firth) September 26, 2015
Still can't believe I was in a lift with eddie redmayne. I had no idea at first.
— Shannon Eades (@ShannonEades) September 26, 2015

The one day we decide not to go out with the guys and they meet
Eddie Redmayne on the tube. How is that fair
— lotti (@lottigrace) September 26, 2015

carolcampf (x): Feliz por ter saรญdo de casa hoje ( I’m glad I left home today)

Apple Music Festival Pharell Williams concert? Yes!
Katie tweeted earlier, that she goes there.

During an interview with Oprah, Pharrell Williams was overcome with 
emotion while talking about the success of the most downloaded track 
of all time 'Happy'. It's a moment which, Redmayne tells GQ, made him 
cry too. “He cried, and I cried... That song genuinely makes me smile, 
which I think is its purpose.” (x)

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