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IMDB Q&A with Tom Hooper and Alicia Vikander - video, screenshots, TDG related articles

Tom Hooper and Alicia Vikander answer fan questions about 'The Danish Girl'

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How The Danish Girl has already achieved filmmaking’s highest honor 
BespokeRedmayne (along with redbatchedcumbermayned) was fortunate to be included by Focus Features and Eddie’s team at an advance screening of The Danish Girl Nov. 16 in NY. This is not so much a review as some thoughts for Eddie’s fans...Read it here

“No pressure,” I tell Eddie Redmayne as we sit down in London to discuss his latest movie. “But our last interview was an all time favorite.” 
“‘Oh my god!,” he says laughing, just as high energy and comfortably familiar as he always seems to be at public events. “Just tell me to shut up if I’m telling you the same stories again!” 
 The still rising star (a Harry Potter spinoff franchise is next) is talented at talk even if he protests ‘I’m incredibly boring!’ while redirecting questions to his characters. Of course his talent at wrapping the media around his finger, which served him well on the way to a Best Actor win last season for Theory of Everything, wouldn’t matter if he wasn’t also so gifted in front of the camera. He’s probably on his way to a second consecutive Best Actor nomination.....
...conversation about sexual fluidity, winning acting trophies, and the conversations with trans women that helped him form the character....Read the interview here

Eddie Redmayne rattles off statistics about the transgender community: "In 31 states, you can still be fired for being transgender," he says by phone from London. "The suicide rate within the community is incredibly high at 41%. The violence to trans women of color is confounding."...
"When you're playing someone like Lili, who was and is an icon, it comes with great responsibility."...
"Whenever I prepare for a part, I don't know if there is anything you can credit specifically to getting you ready," Redmayne said. "I try to immerse myself as much as I can in all forms of learning."...
"There was a huge generosity by the women I met across the board," he said. "They understood the urgency to educate the broader public, to learn to be allies to the community. But they all told me there was no one trans story."...
"He'd done so much homework," said April Ashley, 80, about meeting with Redmayne. "He'd read both of my books apparently, which was rather amazing that he had done all this research." After setting her eyes on him, she knew he'd be able to pull off the role physically. She spoke of his "fine, beautiful, not terribly masculine hands," and his face, "strangely is masculine, but when he puts on that wig and makeup, not so." But Ashley did caution the actor....
"Lili had been born Lili and, through conforming and society, had put up this masculinity that people saw as Einar," he said. "For me, then, it was about unraveling this masculinity to find herself."
Rebecca Root, 46, a transgender actress who plays Lili's nurse in the film, said this approach translated into an authentic expression of the lives of transgender people.
"It's a beautiful, honest depiction of somebody going through that very difficult process," she said. "He's a terrific actor anyway, but he approached this role with the required vigilance and integrity to the characters."...

The Frame's John Horn spoke with Eddie Redmayne about how he went about getting into character, the hardest part about shooting this film, and why he was nervous the first time he dressed as Lili Elbe on set.
(Audio interview with the transcript of the interview highlights)

Images: my edited screenshots from the IMDB Q&A video

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