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SAG Q&A via satellite for The Danish Girl - more news, articles

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 Jerry Weil ‏@jwipe(x): Eddie Redmayne via satellite at a screening of The Danish Girl #SureOscarNom
Cybel Martin ‏@CybelDP (x): Most interesting cinematography I’ve seen so far. Hammershoi, Klimt, 
Degas, Leiter & Hooper’s love of wide angle lenses #TheDanishGirl

dez_foto (x): Q&A after screening of#thedanishgirl with #tomhooper in attendance 
and #eddieredmayne via satellite.

Do urself a favor & see it 11/27. Truly thought provoking & powerful (x)
Production for Tom Hooper’s The Danish Girl began in early 2015 and the film’s star, Eddie Redmayne, spent an entire year preparing for the role before filming began. Just two weeks into the shoot, Redmayne asked for a long weekend off work.
“I thought [that] was a kind of outrageous request,” Hooper recalled at a recent screening of The Danish Girl at Film Independent at LACMA. “And then he said, ‘Well, there was this little matter of the Academy Awards on Sunday…’”
Redmayne, of course, took home the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything—then he went straight back to work on The Danish Girl. “There was no sense that he wanted to have a month for a victory lap, or even a week,” Hooper said....

'The Danish Girl' costumes are exhibited in ArchLight Cinema in LA (x)

the international press group, which puts on the annual Golden Globe Awards, has vetoed the studio’s submissions. Both performances will compete in the lead actress – drama category.

John Blake Publishing has released an un-official biography about Eddie’s life and career as an actor. Here is the press release about the book. You can get your own copy in hardback at £16.99 from the John Blake Publishing website. (via)
You can order here too from Book Depository.(better price, free delivery)

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences loves nothing more than a solid portrayal of a real-life figure. It worked for Eddie Redmayne last year when he won the Best Actor statuette for his work as paralyzed astro-physicist Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything, and it could work again for him this year for his portrait of the riveting — and beautiful — transgender artist Lili Elbe in The Danish Girl....

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