Monday, November 2, 2015

Producers about making of TToE

Fade In interview with Lisa Bruce and Anthony McCarten (via)
Interesting description of the long filmmaking process - Excerpt:
...Finding the right actor to portray Stephen Hawking was daunting because we knew if we missed by even a few degrees, the movie wouldn’t sail. For a few years, we had had a short-list for who could play Stephen, and while the odd name dropped off and a new one was added, the word “short” is apposite. Quite simply, not many actors could have done it. We needed someone with the requisite chameleon gifts, looked passably like Stephen and was English. Eddie Redmayne ticked all the boxes, plus he knew that exact world, because he had studied at Cambridge University, as Stephen had. And when James spoke with the small number of contenders, Eddie’s passion for the role filled the room, head and shoulders above the others. We went with the passion. In fact, it suddenly seemed that there was no other choice in the world. If finding our Stephen was a daunting task, the act of actually playing him and pulling it off with incredible compelling truthfulness was exponentially so, and to watch Eddie transform his body, his face, his movements and his emotions through a twenty-five-year span of this man’s life was one of the most remarkable acting achievements I can ever hope to be part of and witness.

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