Sunday, November 8, 2015

New photos - fan adventures and sightings in NYC - Academy screening

Lisa Birnbach, who gained fame as author of The Preppy Handbook, was thrilled to meet Eddie Redmayne in NY Saturday: “@LisaBirnbach: I met Eddie Redmayne! I met Eddie Redmayne! I met Eddie Redmayne! I. Met. Eddie. Redmayne. Eddie Redmayne. #CantBreathe” (x) via

Great seeing Eddie Redmayne tonight. He is truly amazing in everything he does! (x)
BrianP: author of 2 books, featured in Tom Felton's super fan documentary and the
short film - Home. His uncle is an Oscar winner actor.

“I always love seeing Eddie Redmayne especially when it’s on my campus. #the Danish girl” (x)
"Saw Eddie Redmayne today. I’ve been a fan of him since I saw Red on Broadway.” (x)
Fan Adventures Nov. 7, 2015 NYC (via)

A movie fan Kev: In NY City : Met Eddie Redmayne !!!(x) via



Team Danish is ready for Awards season (x)

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