Sunday, December 27, 2015

Love Story Featurette - The Danish Girl video, screencaptures and gifs

"When I was making Jupiter Ascending with Lana Wachowski, I mentioned Lili and Gerda's (Elbe's wife, played by Alicia Vikander) story to her, and she spoke so passionately about Gerda's art and [Lili's autobiography] Man Into Woman, which was published after her death."
Eddie says the advice he received from members of the transgender community ranged from practical to inspirational.
"There were surface things some of the women would say," he recalls. "April Ashley, an elder trans woman in England said, when I was talking to her about my voice, 'Don't go up in pitch. Find the femininity in your own voice.'"
One of the keys to understanding Elbe, he says, was "this idea that Lili was born Lili. Society and her notion of what was right in that period meant she had a forced masculinity." When Elbe first began to transition, "there was almost an affectation to her femininity. Some of the trans women I spoke to talked about this phase of hyper-feminization, when you're wearing too much makeup or clothes that are too feminine." ...
(For much more from Redmayne, pick up the new issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands now.)

New York Times: The Liberation of Lili in ‘The Danish Girl’
...The character’s evolution — or liberation, as Mr. Delgado described it — is a struggle as Mr. Redmayne swings like a pendulum between Einar and Lili, masculine and feminine, suits and dresses.
Finding the right balance for each scene was a group effort involving Mr. Delgado; the makeup and hair designer Jan Sewell; Tom Hooper, the director; and Mr. Redmayne, all of whom had worked together previously on “Les Misérables.”
Unofficial fittings began almost a year before “The Danish Girl” was announced to the public. “It was during one of those first camera tests that we found Lili; we knew it was going to work,” Ms. Sewell said....Read more

My Wife videoclip (the first scene filmed the morning after BAFTA's)

You can download the script and listen to some tracks of the soundtrack on

The pictures without source link are my captures and gifs from the viseo

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