Thursday, December 17, 2015

Shopping at Selfridges on Tuesday - Newt lives!

That weird moment when he takes some everyday objects but the 
matching between them makes you think “Newt lives!!”… XD (x)
Eddie Redmayne spotted at Selfridges on Tuesday. He wore his long tan
coat and carried his favorite globetrotter with him, as if Newt Scamander
would have walked out of the movie.
Selfie time with Eddie at Selfridges Tuesday Dec.15, 2015 (x) (x)

I'm trying to remember what was the first time Eddie was spotted with his little Globe-Trotter. I rarely saw him travel without it in the past three years and he always carries it with him to the set when he's filming. When he was asked if he has any lucky charms he takes with him on set, he mentioned this bag.  I was done when I first saw Newt with his brown suitcase on the first photos published in EW. This long tan double breasted coat is a little different, yet strangely reminiscent of Newt's coat. I saw him wearing this at the Carol Concert at Eton and when he did his Christmas shopping two years ago, and he wore it at the Miss Saigon Press Night too. Eddie is Newt or Newt is Eddie? :D :D :D

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