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The Danish Girl Artworks

mondixx (x): Eddie Redmayne is a beautiful actor. cant wait to watch it again!❤️ #thedanishgirl
Beautiful painting about Eddie Redmayne as Lili Elbe in 'The Danish Girl'

Universal Pictures promo animations ahead cinema releases
Eddie Redmayne takes Lili Elbe’s story from the page to the screen.

Così delicata e raffinata da sembrare uscita da un dipinto. Lili non è come tutte le altre, scoprite la sua storia dal 18 Febbraio al cinema. #TheDanishGirlIT
Szerző: The Danish Girl, 2015. december 21.
In Cinenas New Year's day - UK (credit:

Attraverso l'arte si può trovare se stessi. Da un tratto delicato, può prendere vita la nostra parte più vera. Fatevi coinvolgere dalla commovente storia di Lili e Gerda, The Danish Girl uscirà nelle sale il 18 Febbraio. #TheDanishGirlIT
Szerző: The Danish Girl, 2015. december 30.
From January 21st in Australia - video on Instagram

Wonderful digital artwork from bramvanhaeren (x)

Art from the movie

166 paintings were crafted from scratch by the art team in order to bring Gerda's work to life.(x)

From The Danish Girl - Art Working Title Board on Pinterest (x)
Art - Set Design - Costume Design - Locations
Many behind the scenes pictures from Working Title

...While Einar’s bare landscapes were a hit in Copenhagen, Denmark, Gerda’s feminine portraits were never quite accepted by the Danish art community. After Einar started transitioning into Lili, she became Gerda’s muse. Her Art Nouveau portraits of Lili became her breakthrough and earned her fame and recognition as an artist in Paris. “It was alluring to people to see someone as spectacularly beautiful as Lili and as different,” Stewart explained of the paintings’ success. Stewart teamed up with British artist Susannah Brough and they eventually settled on roughly 70 artworks to re-create for the film. “We laid them all out and went through the script with Tom and writer Lucinda [Coxon] and plotted which ones would hit each scene,” she said. “We only had two months to re-create all of them. By the end we were all in that painting room! The film’s paintings weren’t exact replicas of Gerda’s work, however. “We had to adapt them slightly because they didn’t look like Eddie,” Stewart said. The original portrait of ballerina Ulla Poulsen, the one that changed Lili’s life forever, was also altered to resemble actress Amber Heard’s face. In addition to the release of The Danish Girl, this month, Denmark’s Arken Museum of Modern Art will be displaying the largest exhibition of Gerda’s work so far, a development that delighted Stewart. “I think she would have been so thrilled that finally she was taken seriously by the Danish.”...
Full article here (photos below: courtesy of Focus Features)

"I want to be a woman, not a painter,” says Einar Wegener to his artist wife, Gerda, who wryly reminds him 
that some have succeeded at being both....
“What you draw, I become,” Lili says to Gerda. “You made me beautiful, and now you make me stronger.”
The film has sparked renewed interest in not only Lili, but also Gerda Wegerner’s art and life. She was similarly
self-styled, independent and determined, and her work was often unapologetically erotic. Her paintings, which combined the influence of Cubism and other avant-garde styles with traditionally “feminine” subjects such as
women in gardens or at their toilettes, are the subject of a major exhibition at the Arken Museum in Copenhagen,
on view through 16 May 2016. (x)

‘The Danish Girl’ on display – In a small Greenwich gallery lies the art that fuels the film
Anyone who can venture to this New York City suburb can see Gerda Wegener’s original art of Lili.(x)

Video: Lili Elbe, Einar & Gerda Wegener (The Danish Girl)
Copies of photos depicting Lili Elbe, Einar & Gerda Wegener Paintings of Einar & Gerda Wegener (fanmade)

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