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Red - the play - photos, videos, quotes and reviews

"Red" is John Logan’s intense and exciting two-character drama. - Wikipedia page
YouTube videos with reviews, interviews and scenes from the play, and videos about the NYC Premiere:

Eddie Redmayne About 'Red': If Fred [Alfred Molina] has any nerves or apprehension, he's hiding it. I am like the nervous child running around him. I don't want to be irritating about it, but this is the dream job for me. ( x )

'Red' rehearsal in Jerwood space. November 10, 2009 ( x )

Grandage says that actors often divide into those who are good on the front-foot and those who specialise in the power of passivity: "Eddie is terrific at both. You've only got to look at the change in the way he moves in the play. His feet are barely touching the floor in trepidation at the beginning and later he's virtually swaggering to the gramophone when he starts playing jazz records." ( x )

Red scenes (gallery)

Eddie Redmayne About mixing paints on stage for his role of Ken in 'Red': We will see how qualified I am to do that [he is colour-blind]. Hopefully it won't be too embarrassing. It will be fun for the audience to watch us crush pigments, cook paints and prime canvases. That'll be luscious. ( x )

Red Premiere Curtain Call 1th April, 2010 NYC, Golden Theater (gallery)

Primary Colors and Abstract Appetites The New York Times Review of the play
By Ben Brantley April 2, 2010
"Set in a New York studio on the Bowery in the late 1950s, the play follows the initiation of Ken (the excellent Eddie Redmayne), a newly hired assistant, into the uncompromising aesthetic of Rothko (1903-1970), who at that time was working on a commissioned series of paintings for the new Four Seasons restaurant."
"Mr. Redmayne, who last month won the Olivier Award (the British version of the Tony) for his performance, keeps his character from ever seeming like a mere device. His Ken has a spine and a mind of his own, and you can feel both growing stronger throughout the play.
That he is able to hold his own against Mr. Molina’s Rothko is no mean achievement."

by Michael Coveney • 9 Dec 2009 • West End

Vogue, April 2 2010

To color his portrayal of Rothko, actor Alfred Molina studies the artist's works
By Peter Marks, 
The Washington Post, March 28, 2010

The World`s His Stage - Eddie Redmayne: The darling of the Donmar is making tracks into Hollywood
By Paul Taylor, photo by Will Wintercross, The Independent Jan 7 2010

BACKSTAGE WITH RED'S EDDIE REDMAYNE interview for Paper Magazine
by Whitney Spaner with a photo from Red by Johan Persson 

Charlie Rose - Wednesday 04/07/2010: Actors Alfred Molina, Eddie Redmayne, director 
Michael Grandage, and playwright John Logan reflect on the life and work of Mark Rothko 
who is the subject of their Broadway play, "Red." (on the site you find transcript too)

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