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April 05, 2010 NYC - the book party for Kate Kingsley

The pictures I've seen in the sirredmayne blog reminded me of the article I read recently about the event, so I decided to write about this today. Eddie attended the book party for Kate Kingsley who has published her third novel, Pretty On the Outside, A Young, Loaded and Fabulous. It also has a cover line: "Girl wants boy. Boy wants new girl. New girl’s going down.” The article's writer - a friend of Kate's father Philip Kingsley (the most famous hair doctor in the world) - attended the event and wrote a few lines about Eddie:
The invitation to the party
It was a good size crowd with two generations of age ranges which is rarer than you might think in New York. One of the guests was a classmate of Kate’s from Cambridge (UK), Eddie Redmayne. Mr. Redmayne (who looks more like an Eddie than a Mister), as of this morning (although it’s not been a secret), is Broadway’s newest star, starring with Alfred Molina, in “Red,” a play by John Logan about the artist Mark Rothko.
Rex Reed first told me about it last week when I ran into him at the Café Carlyle opening of Leslie Uggams. He said the play was not to be missed, and that Eddie Redmayne was going to be a star. Since then so has almost everybody else I’ve read about him. 
In person, the star is this tall lanky kid, nice looking, clear bright eyes, with an unassuming politeness and a casual manner of dress that might lead you to believe he’s an undergrad down the road at NYU. When I first met him his speech was American although I had thought he was British. Then Philip Kingsley told me that the new star had a “perfect American accent.” And is British. (full article)

Photo - AMBER De VOS (x)

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