Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Nice and generous - Eddie with fans - photos

One of the things I like the most in Eddie Redmayne is the way he treats his fans. He's always very nice and trying to please as much fans as he can. A lot of people made photos with Eddie, here are some of these.

Eddie Redmayne About having strange fan experiences: I wish I could say something as extreme as knickers being thrown on stage but no, not yet. ( x )

most of the pictures are from:

Fan experience 01.01.2012 London: 

Many fans met Eddie at the Donmar Warehouse after watching the play Richard II. 
"He was in a hurry to celebrate, but he still signed and took pictures with anyone who wanted. And he was still glowing with happiness all the time."
This is Hope's great description of what it was like to meet Eddie. 
She had the opportunity to talk to Eddie, asking interesting questions and finally the talk became an interview.

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