Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Behind the scenes of 'The Theory of Everything - video, captures, article

'The Theory of Everything' Star Eddie Redmayne Reveals How He Transformed His Body to Play Stephen Hawking - by Jordan Zakarin Oct 20, 2014 - full article

..."You’re not relaxed, everything is [twisted] and you’re sustaining these things and trying to activate these muscles here and control your breathing pattern and make sure your blinking is slower," says Redmayne as he shrinks his cheeks and coils his eyebrows and lips. “What ended up happening was that those scenes were the most physically exhausting scenes, the scenes where he can move the least."...

...“Dancers are not only emotional artists, but they do it again, do it again until they get it right. So in the prep for these months, Alex would have me sustain these positions and stretch into places, access places that my body hadn’t accessed before.” Redmayne says. ...

...Redmayne would try to hold particular poses even after Marsh yelled "cut" on a scene. “Stephen can’t move, so if you saw that there was a slight shift [in his body], that’d be bad,” the actor says. Redmayne saw an osteopath at least twice a week during production to sort out his aching back, and an acupuncturist was periodically called to set for quick sessions in between takes...

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