Monday, October 13, 2014

Photos from San Francisco

The Theory of Everything MovieEddie Redmayne relaxes in the Presidio of San Francisco
after receiving a standing ovation at a special screening of The Theory of Everything Movie
during San Francisco Fleet Week. New photo from Focus Features (x)

Fan adventure at the airport

Morgan Clark tweeted: Ahh!! Just walked in behind Eddie Redmayne at SFO!!! 
He is jus as adorable in real life!! #lesmis #theoryofeverything (x) Worked up
the nerve to ask for a pic. Of course I’m in sweats and he is so adorable.(x)
Detailed report in her blog about meeting Eddie
Mill Valley Film Festival spotlight Oct. 9, 2014 gallery

Photos by Jonathan Shensa via (x)
According to the tweet below, the next Q&A session will be in Chicago today.
In Chicago 21:42 PM - 12 Okt 2014 (CDT)

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