Friday, October 17, 2014

New photo with glam crew and misscarrieg's photos - behind the scenes of events

misscarrieg: Theory of Eddie @jwuntitled @mimisotto #ny
Eddie Redmayne on set with his glam crew from celestineagency Groomer @mimisotto and @misscarrieg!
I think this new photo was taken yesterday in New York (the last tag of misscarrieg’s post refers to this).(x)
The long haired blond girl misscarrieg often works for Eddie when he's in America. I saw her in
Eddie's pictures and videos many times. She was there in San Francisco, Toronto and saw her
at the events of the 2013 award season too. I found some interesting pictures on her Instagram.
Here are a few pictures from her and with her

Photo from Instyle (x)

Peoplemag (x) Trump International Hotel & Tower, Toronto (x) TIFF E Team after ToE premiere (x)

Capture from the beginning of The THR video interview (x)

She was there at the HFPA event (x) and the MET Gala too (x)

At the Oscars in 2013 (x)


Golden Globe Awards 2013 (x) and two more (x) - (x)

SBIFF Virtuoso Avard 2013(x)

(x) - (x)

Update 21 Oct. 2014: TToE NYC premiere (x) via (x)

Update 17 Apr 2015:  Golden Globe Awards 11 Jan 2015 from gallery

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