Thursday, October 2, 2014

Falling in love - ToE trailer gif selection

"Stephen (Eddie Redmayne) regales Jane (Felicity Jones) with a scientific discussion
about white shirts, Tide detergent, and the birth and death of stars that plays as both
genuinely nerdy and thoroughly romantic." (x)

(x) - (x)
(x) - (x)

The Universe is expanding. If you reverse time, then the Universe is getting smaller. What if 
I reverse the process all the way back to see what happened at the beginning of time itself? 
Wind back the clock? Wind back the clock.

Jane, who pushed them to get married, remembers, “I was drawn to his very wide smile and beautiful grey eyes. He was great fun and we were together going to defy the disease and the doctors.” Now 72, Hawking recalls how Jane’s love saved him – “Falling in love gave me something to live for.” (x)

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