Thursday, October 23, 2014

TToE promo - Eddie met the press and attended some events in NYC on 19-20 Oct. 2014

The start of another round of interviews in NYC on Sunday for
The Theory of Everything with Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones. (x)

Had a great interview with Eddie Redmayne! He deserves an Oscar 
for his brilliant portrayal of the icon of hope, Stephen Hawking! 
19th Oct. 2014 Waldorf Astoria Towers, NYC (x)
Eddie Redmayne remembered me from my Les Miserables interview! 
He asked, “weren’t you blonde?” Watch his sure-to-be nominated 
performance as Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything! (x)

Cinthia Maldonado @cinmldo · Oct 19: Just wrapped up an interview with #EddieRedmayne. #TheTheoryOfEverything - VIDEO
kayaway: My roommate meeting Eddie Redmayne. Jealous doesn’t begin to cover it. Check out that glow!

Press Conference

kayaway: My roommate got to meet Eddie Redmayne in NYC for the premiere of 
“The Theory of Everything”! She got a creeper shot of him because she knows I adore him.

Paul Mully‏@TheRealP_Mullin: An amazing experience meeting these people today (x)

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 In New York for promoting The Theory of Everything on Oct 19-20 via (x)

Eddie and Felicity Jones at SAG-AFTRA screening (Instagram morganpage23(x)

Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones attends the British Consulate event in NYC. 
They are helping promote filmmaking in the UK through UKTI. source: (x), (x)

a British welcome to NY! SeeTheTheoryOfEverything 7 Nov.(x)

Eddie Redmayne with Antony McCarten and Lisa Bruce (x)

Antony McCarten, Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne (x) via (x)

Origin Theatre ‏@OriginTheatre1: Thank you @DannyLopez_UK for a wonderful event @UKTIUSA 

samanthajkirk: With Eddie Redmayne :) #thetheoryofeverything via (x)

British Consulate-General - New York
The Theory of Everything Reception - facebook photo album
On Monday, 20 October 2014, the British Consulate General New York hosted a reception with Focus Features for the release of the new film "The Theory of Everything" about renowned British scientist Stephen Hawking. Stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, writer/producer Anthony McCarten, and producer Lisa Bruce were in attendance.
Film is GREAT Britain!
Photos by Kevin McAleer.

Page Six: Felicity Jones narrowly escapes wardrobe malfunction via (x)
Felicity Jones nearly had a dangerous wardrobe malfunction at MoMA on Monday — but was saved by gallant Eddie Redmayne.
The stars of “The Theory of Everything,” about physicist Stephen Hawking and his first wife, Jane, were headed to the museum’s Titus Theaters for a New York premiere when, “The back of Felicity’s long black dress suddenly got caught in the escalator.” Frock shock set in as her Elie Saab gown was eaten by the moving staircase... read more


  1. Eddie is really looking dashing hunk here. Is this event one of those events in NYC that took place in 2014? I am a huge of Eddie and wish to meet him at least once.

    1. Did you mean the Consulate event? The events and interviews in this post were on Oct. 19-20. in 2014. Yesterday Eddie attended a SAG Conversation in NY. Maybe he's still in the City. I have no information about it yet.

    2. Eddie said in a video interview, that he will be in New York on his 33rd Birthday (Jan 6, 2015).
      You find the video here:


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